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You, like many others out there, probably know absolutely nothing about boiler care yet it is imperative that you know one or two things about it. Knowing a few important facts about your boiler helps you keep it up and running as optimally as possible while giving you value or the money you spent on it. Here are a few pointers for you.

General Boiler Health

First off, it is important to note that boiler care is best performed by a trained professional. This said, it does not spell death for you to know a few tweaks you can perform to make the professionals’ work a bit easier when they come. You can switch to british gas boiler care, which incorporates annual maintenance activities.

Know Which Type of Boiler You Have

This may seem dumb coming as a pointer, but you would be surprised at just how many people are clueless about which type of boiler they have. Going by what most people have, you are most likely either operating a steam or hot water boiler. Now these two are more or less the same, except for the fact that their parts are different. This means that the repair and maintenance work they require is different. Steam boilers usually have a water feeder, glass gauge, a radiator with a steam value and other telling parts.

Don’t Wait To Repair; Maintain the Boiler

Do not wait till it’s too late and your boiler is absolutely broken before you start looking for a boiler repair expert. A little maintenance a day will keep the repair man away. One of the simplest things you can do is note the pressure, water level and temperature of your boiler daily. This will help you to notice any sudden deflections from the normal. You can readjust problems with these three parameters very easily but if you are hesitant then it’s time to call in an expert; hot water burns! You should have a maintenance person on call, or simply click here for more info about regular boiler care.

Oil Filter Replacement

The boiler has an inline oil filter that usually has to be replaced after a year of use. You can find the right filter for your specific type of boiler online or on the buyer’s manual. If you cannot get it in stores, you can contact British Gas for 10% discount off Homecare.

To replace the filter, you must locate where the oil filter and the boiler converge. Switch off your boiler as a precautionary measure. Turn off also the fuel source (where the oil comes in through). Remove the worn out oil filters and put in the fresh one. Fasten everything and then switch your boiler back on. It should function much better after this minor repair job.

Maintenance in Hard Water Situations

If you live in an area with hard water, your boiler will definitely have a brine tank. You can do your boiler great service by popping the tank off to check if it has salt inside. The softener salt should always be in the tank so if it has run out, replenish and replace. If you fail to do this, calcium might build up and destroy your boiler. Alternatively, you can purchase insurance and let the experts help you since British Gas is the biggest in boiler care.

Keep the Boiler Running

Spring and summer are generally warm and most people switch off their boilers during this time. While it only makes sense to do this, you will do well to switch it on for at least 15 minutes daily. This ensures that the different parts keep moving properly and don’t get jammed.

Why Boiler Care Is Vital

Ever heard of carbon monoxide poisoning? Well, fail to take good care of your boiler and you might get carbon monoxide build up and eventual poisoning. To help prevent carbon monoxide accidents, you can install a CO alarm. This is readily available in most convenience stores. It can save you a whole lot of trouble.

If you are a tenant, you must remind the landlord to take good care of your boiler as it is not your duty to do this. Landlords are required by law to keep all appliances in their homes up and running. Failure to do this can have serious legal implications.

As a boiler owner, never ignore even the slightest warning sign from your boiler. If you would rather not repair it yourself using a DIY manual, then call in an expert immediately. Strange sounds and noises from your boiler can also mean that it is developing some problems. Have it checked out immediately. It pays if you have a British Gas homecare plan because you will get cashback savings on repairs and maintenance.

Basic boiler care tips and advice are available online. Just be sure to exercise great caution when doing the maintenance yourself. Always switch the power off before touching any parts to prevent electric shocks.

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